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Gift Ideas for Baby Showers

Gifting Glitches

Do's and don'ts for baby showers:

  • Do get together with the family and friends of the parents-to-be and decide on a time, budget, menu, and guest list.
  • Don't get stuck planning and organizing the shower yourself. “Many hands make light work.”
  • Do check with the parents-to-be about a guest list. Decide whether co-workers and neighbors will be included.
  • Don't forget to make the shower special by making one of the shower gifts in this chapter.
  • Do plan some games and prizes as entertainment for your party. For example, you could give prizes to the person who has been a parent for the longest/shortest period of time, the person who traveled the farthest to get to the shower, or the person who has known the couple the longest.

The parents-to-be will “bearly” know how to thank you if you make these cute knick-knacks to grace the package of a baby present. You can mix up the pink and blue colors or make them one color if you know the sex of the baby.

Time frame: One to two hours

Level: Easy

What you need:

  • Wooden bear cutout (I found these at craft store.)
  • White, pink, and blue craft paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Four miniature wooden blocks (You could also use square wooden beads with the holes turned to the inside.)
  • Fine-tipped black marker
  • Glue gun
  • Clear acrylic finish spray
  • Thin pink or blue satin ribbon
  • Small pink or blue satin rose
  1. Paint the bear white, two of the blocks blue, and two of the blocks pink. Allow them to dry. Make a face on the bear using the fine-tipped marker.
  2. Using the fine-tipped marker, draw the letter “B” on both blue blocks and draw “A” and “Y” on the pink blocks. Allow the blocks to dry.
  3. Glue the blocks together, spelling out the word “Baby” on the front. Glue the white bear onto the top of the blocks. Spray the entire project with clear acrylic finish spray and allow it to dry.
  4. Make a tiny bow out of the ribbon and glue it onto the neck of the bear. Glue a tiny ribbon rose onto the middle of the bow.

Light Up Their Lives

Gifting Glitches

Avoid giving heavily scented candles or potpourri to a pregnant friend. Consider making your own votive candles out of unscented bees-wax sheets. Place them in a pastel-colored gift bag along with this votive and a nice picture frame for the baby's picture.

A votive that resembles a bassinet would make a great gift, as well as party favor, for your next baby shower. You could place either candy or a candle in the glass holder.

Time frame: One to two hours

Level: Easy

What you need:

  • Eyelet lace
  • Tacky glue or glue gun
  • Glass votive (I used a two-inch glass flower pot from the craft section of a discount store.)
  • Blue or pink satin flowers
  • Thin blue or pink ribbon
  • A votive candle or candies
  • Netting (optional)
  1. Cut a piece of eyelet lace large enough to cover a votive candle holder. With tacky glue or a glue gun, glue the top of the lace to the top of the candle holder.
  2. Glue pink or blue flowers around the top of the lace. Make a small bow out of the satin ribbon, and glue it onto the side of the votive.
  3. Place a votive candle in the holder or place the candies in a piece of netting. Draw up the ends and tie a bow around the gathered ends with the satin ribbon and place in the holder.

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