Button Picture Frame

iMagstn.gifAge: Preschool through elementary
Time: An afternoon
Type of activity: Arts and Crafts

Need picture frames for all those photos you have floating around the house? Here's how to make your own.

Materials needed:
· Eight popsicle sticks
· Old or mismatched buttons
· Ribbon
· Craft glue
· Heavy cardboard paper
· Small magnet

What to do:

Step One: Start out by making a square using four popsicle sticks.

Step Two: Border the square you just made with another four popsicle sticks.

Step Three: Now you should have a square that is two sticks deep on each side.

Step Four: Glue the sticks together, and let the glue dry.

Step Five: Cut out a square of cardboard, slightly smaller than the square of popsicle sticks.

Step Six: Put a few drops of glue on three sides of the cardboard square. The side that you don't glue will be at the top of the frame.

Step Seven: Line up the cardboard (glue-side down) with the back of the sticks, and press together.

Step Eight: Glue the small magnet to the middle of the cardboard. This will be the back of the frame.

Step Nine: When the glue is dry, you can decorate the frame by gluing on the ribbon and buttons.

Step Ten: After it dries, your frame is ready for a picture! Slide a picture in the slot at the top of the frame, then hang it on your refrigerator or give it to a friend.

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