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Double-Deck Pinochle

1, 2, 3, Score!

When all the cards have been played, each team adds up the tricks it has won. If the original bidding team meets its bid then both teams add up their points and add the new score to the cumulative score.

It's in the Cards

To be set means to fail to make your bid on the meld. Your entire bid is subtracted from your total score and you score none of your points in that hand.

If the bidding partnership does not meet their bid then they are considered set. The nonbidding partners get to keep their points.

If the bidding partner knows that the team will not meet its bid before play begins, he or she may throw in the hand. No points are scored and the bid is subtracted from their total score. The nonbidding partners get to keep whatever points they've accumulated so far and add the points to their total score. This allows the bidding team to avoid losing trick-taking points to the opposing team.

Points for Tricks

The cards rank in the following order: Ace, 10, King, Queen, Jack. At the end of play, the teams total the points they have won in trick-taking. Each Ace, 10, and King is worth one point. The team that wins the last trick scores two additional points. There are a total of 50 points available for tricks.

Points for Melds

Like in many card games, there are some terms you will need to know in order to build melds and score points. You should memorize these terms and what they mean before playing the game.

A-10-K-Q-J of trump suit =
15 for single
150 for double
225 for triple
300 for quadruple
Royal Marriage:
K-Q of trump suit =
4 for single
8 for double
12 for triple
16 for quadruple
Kings and Queen of same suit =
2 for single
(NOT trump suit) 4 for double
6 for triple
8 for quadruple
Jack of Diamonds and Queen of Spades =
4 for single
30 for double
60 for triple
90 for quadruple
Aces Around:
An Ace in each suit =
10 for single
100 for double
150 for triple
200 for quadruple
Kings Around:
A King in each suit =
8 for single
80 for double
120 for triple
160 for quadruple
Queens Around:
A Queen in each suit =
6 for single
60 for double
90 for triple
120 for quadruple
Jacks Around:
A Jack in each suit =
4 for single
40 for double
60 for triple
80 for quadruple

Note: A set of 10s is not worth anything in a meld.

No matter which game of Pinochle you choose to play, you're sure to have some great family fun!

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