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10 Awesome Halloween Activities for Kids

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Find the Pumpkin

This Halloween game is fun for the whole family and great for a goblin get-together.

  • Ten pieces of white paper
  • Five pieces of yellow paper
  • Five pieces of orange paper
  • A crayon
  • Scissors
  • Draw ten white pumpkins, five yellow pumpkins, and five orange pumpkins.
  • Cut out all the pumpkins and decorate with funny faces.
  • Write the number 1 on the backs of the white pumpkins, the number 5 on the backs of the yellow pumpkins, and the number 10 on the backs of the orange pumpkins.
  • Hide all the pumpkins
  • Kids and guests will try to find as many pumpkins as you can before the grownup says "Stop!"
  • Players will add up the numbers on the pumpkins each of them found. The player with the most points wins!

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