Bosnia and Herzegovina

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments

Date of Information: 8/1/2012

Bosnia's central government is headed by a tripartite presidency, with one representative of each of the three major ethnic constituencies. The chairmanship of the presidency rotates among the three presidency members every eight months.

National Govt.
Presidency Chmn. (Bosniak) Bakir IZETBEGOVIC
Presidency Member (Croat) Zeljko KOMSIC
Presidency Member (Serb) Nebojsa RADMANOVIC
Chmn., Council of Ministers Vjekoslav BEVANDA
Dep. Chmn., Council of Ministers Zlatko LAGUMDZIJA
Min. of Civil Affairs Sredoje NOVIC
Min. of Defense Muhamed IBRAHIMOVIC
Min. of Finance Nikola SPIRIC
Min. of Foreign Affairs Zlatko LAGUMDZIJA
Min. of Foreign Trade Mirko SAROVIC
Min. of Human Rights & Refugees Damir LJUBIC
Min. of Justice Barisa COLAK
Min. of Security Sadik AHMETOVIC
Min. of Transport & Communication Damir HADZIC
Governor, Central Bank Kemal KOZARIC
Ambassador to the US Jadranka NEGODIC
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Mirsada COLAKOVIC
Federation Govt.
Pres. Zivko BUDIMIR
Vice Pres. Mirsad KEBO
Vice Pres. Svetozar PUDARIC
Prime Min. Nermin NIKSIC
Dep. Prime Min. Jerko LIJANOVIC
Dep. Prime Min. Desnica RADIVOJEVIC
Min. of Agriculture, Water Industry, & Forestry Jerko LIJANOVIC
Min. of Culture & Sports Salmir KAPLAN
Min. of Development, Entrepreneurship, & Crafts Sanjin HALIMOVIC
Min. of Education & Science Damir MASIC
Min. of Energy, Mining, & Industry Erdal TRHULJ
Min. of Environment & Tourism Branka DJURIC
Min. of Finance Ante KRAJINA
Min. of Health Rusmir MESIHOVIC
Min. of Interior Predrag KURTES
Min. of Justice Zoran MIKULIC
Min. of Labor & Social Welfare Vjekoslav CAMBER
Min. of the Liberation War Veterans & Disabled Veterans Issues Zukan HELEZ
Min. of Refugees & Displaced Persons Adil OSMANOVIC
Min. of Trade Milorad BAHILJ
Min. of Traffic & Communications Enver BIJEDIC
Min. of Urban Planning Desnica RADIVOJEVIC
Republika Srpska Govt.
Pres. Milorad DODIK
Vice Pres. Emil VLAJKI
Prime Min. Aleksandar DZOMBIC
Min. of Agriculture Miroslav MILOVANOVIC
Min. of Economic Relations & Coordination Zeljka CVIJANOVIC
Min. of Education & Culture Anton KASIPOVIC
Min. of Finance Zoran TEGELTIJA
Min. of Health & Social Protection Ranko SKRBIC
Min. of Industry, Energy, & Mining Zeljko KOVACEVIC
Min. of Interior Stanislav CADJO
Min. of Justice Dzerard SELMAN
Min. of Labor & Veterans Affairs Petar DJOKIC
Min. of Public Admin. & Local Self-Govt. Lejla RESIC
Min. of Refugees & Displaced Persons Davor CORDAS
Min. of Science & Technology Jasmin KOMIC
Min. of Trade & Tourism Gorana ZLATKOVIC
Min. of Transport & Communications Nedeljko CUBRILOVIC
Min. of Urban Planning & Ecology Srebrenka GOLIC
Min. of Youth, Families, & Sport Nada TESANOVIC


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