Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 8/1/2012

In 2009, democratically elected President Marc Ravalomanana resigned and handed the reins of the government over to the military. The military in turn conferred the presidency on opposition leader Andry Rajoelina, who will head the High Transition Authority.

Pres. Andry Nirina RAJOELINA
Prime Min. Jean Omer BERIZIKY
Dep. Prime Min. in Charge of Development & Urbanization Hajo ANDRIANAINARIVELO
Dep. Prime Min. in Charge of Economy& Industry Pierrot BOTOZAZA
Min. of Agriculture Roland RAVATOMANGA
Min. of the Armed Forces Andre Lucien RAKOTOARIMASY, Gen.
Min. of Civil Service, Labor, & Social Legislation Tabera RANDRIAMANANTSOA
Min. of Communication Harry Laurent RAHAJASON (also known as Rolly MERCIA)
Min. of Culture & National Heritage Elia RAVELOMANATSOA
Min. of Decentralization Ruffine TSIRANANA
Min. of Energy Nestor RANDRIAKA
Min. of Environment & Forests Joseph RANDRIAMIANDRISOA
Min. of Finance & Budget Hery RAJAONARIMAMPIANINA
Min. of Fisheries & Fishery Resources Sylvain MANDRORIKY
Min. of Foreign Affairs Pierrot RAJAONARIVELO
Min. of Higher Education & Scientific Research Etiene Hilaire RAZAFINDEHIBE
Min. of Hydrocarbons Marcel BERNARD
Min. of Interior Florent RAKOTOARISOA
Min. of Internal Security Arsene RAKOTONDRAZAKA
Min. of Justice & Keeper of the Seals Christine RAZANAMAHASOA
Min. of Livestock Ihanta RANDRIAMANDRANTO
Min. of Mines Daniella RANDRIAFENO
Min. of National Defense Andre Lucien RAKOTOARIMASY, Gen.
Min. of National Education Regis MANORO
Min. of Population Olga VAOMALALA
Min. of Posts, Telecommunications, & New Technology Ny Hasina ANDRIAMANJANTO
Min. of Public Health Joanita NDAHMANJARA
Min. of Public Service Tabera RANDRIAMANANTSOA
Min. of Public Works & Meteorology BOTOMAMIZARA, Col.
Min. of Sports Gerard BOTRALAHY
Min. of Technical & Vocational Training Jean Andre NDREMANJARY
Min. of Tourism Jean Max RAKOTOMAMONJY
Min. of Trade Olga RAMALASON
Min. of Transport Benjamina Ramarcel RAMANANTSOA
Min. of Water Resources Julien REBOZA
Min. of Youth & Leisure Jacques RANDRIATIANA
Min. of Charge of the National Gendarmerie RANDIRANAZARY, Gen.
Min. of Charge of Promotion of Handicrafts Elisa RAZAFITOMBO
Min. of Charge of Relations With Institutions Victor MANANTSOA
Governor, Central Bank Gaston RAVELOJAONA
Ambassador to the US Jocelyn Bertin RADIFERA
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Zina ANDRIANARIVELO Razafy

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