Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 8/1/2012


Pres. Umar Hassan Ahmad al-BASHIR, Field Mar.
First Vice Pres. Ali Osman TAHA
Second Vice Pres. Al-Haj Adam YOUSIF
Asst. to the Pres. Nafie Ali NAFIE
Min. of Agriculture & Irrigation Abdel Haleem Ismail al-MUTAAFI
Min. of Animal Resources & Fisheries Faisal Hassan IBRAHIM
Min. of Antiquities, Tourism, & Wildlife Mohamed Abdel Karim al-HAD
Min. of Cabinet Affairs Ahmed Saad OMAR Khadr
Min. of Communications Mohamed Abdul Kareem al-HADD
Min. of Culture & Information Ahmed BILAL Osman
Min. of Defense ABDEL RAHIM Muhammed Hussein, Gen.
Min. of Environment, Forestry, & Urban Development Hassan Abdel Qader HILAL
Min. of Finance & National Economy Ali Mahmoud ABDEL RASOUL
Min. of Foreign Affairs Mohammed Ali Ahmed KARTI
Min. of Foreign Trade Osman Omer al-SHARIF
Min. of Gen. Education Suad ABDEL RAZIQ Mohamed Sayeed
Min. of Guidance & Religious Endowments Ghazi al-Sadiq ABDEL RAHIM
Min. of Health Bahr Idris ABU GARDA
Min. of Higher Education & Scientific Research Khames Kajo KUNDAH
Min. of Human Resources, Development, & Labor Ishraqa Sayeed MAHMOUD
Min. of Industry Abdel Wahab Mohammed OSMAN
Min. of Interior Ibrahim Mahmoud HAMID
Min. of Justice & Prosecutor Gen. Mohamed Boshara DOSA
Min. of Labor Farah Mustafa ABDULLAH
Min. of Minerals Kamal ABDEL LATIF Abdel Rahim
Min. of Petroleum Awad Ahmed al JAZ
Min. of Presidential Affairs Bakri Hassan SALIH
Min. of Science & Communications Eissa BUSHRA Mohamed
Min. of Transportation, Roads, & Bridges Ahmed Babiker NAHAR
Min. of Water Resources & Electricity Osma Abdalla Mohamed el-HASSAN
Min. of Welfare & Social Insurance Amira al-FADIL Mohamed Ahmed
Min. of Youth & Sports al-Fatih Taj Al-SIR Abdullah
Head, Federal Bureau for Decentralization Hasabu Mohamed ABDEL RAHIM
Attorney Gen. Ali Mohamed Osman YASSIN
Governor, Central Bank of Sudan Mohamed Khair Ahmed al-ZUBAIR
Charge d'Affaires, Embassy, Washington FATAHELRAMAN Ali Mohamed
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Daffa-Alla al-Haj Ali OSMAN

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