Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 7/26/2012


Pres. Bashar al-ASAD
Vice Pres. Farouk al-SHARA
Vice Pres. Najah al-ATTAR
Prime Min. Riad Farid HIJAB
Dep. Prime Min. Fahd Jasim al-FURAYJ, Lt. Gen.
Dep. Prime Min. Walid al-MUALEM
Dep. Prime Min. for Economic Affairs Qadri JAMIL
Dep. Prime Min. for Service Affairs Umar Ibrahim GHALAWANJI
Min. of Agriculture Subhi Ahmad al-ABDALLAH
Min. of Culture Lubanah MUSHAWEH
Min. of Defense Fahd Jasim al-FURAYJ, Lt. Gen.
Min. of Domestic Trade & Consumer Protection Qadri JAMIL
Min. of Economy & Foreign Trade Muhammad Zafir MAHABIK
Min. of Education Hazwan al-WAZZ
Min. of Electricity Imad Muhammad Deeb KHAMIS
Min. of Finance Muhammad al-JULAYLATI
Min. of Foreign & Expatriate Affairs Walid al-MUALEM
Min. of Health Wael Nader al-HALAQI
Min. of Higher Education Muhammad Yahya MU'ALLA
Min. of Housing & Urban Development Safwan al-ASSAF
Min. of Industry Fuad Shukri KURDI
Min. of Information Umran Ahid al-ZA'BI
Min. of the Interior Muhammad Ibrahim al-SHA'AR
Min. of Justice Radwan HABIB
Min. of Local Admin. Umar Ibrahim GHALAWANJI
Min. of Petroleum & Mineral Wealth Said Ma'za HANIDI
Min. of Presidential Affairs Mansur Fadlallah AZZAM
Min. of Public Works Yasser al-SIBA'I
Min. of Religious Endowments Muhammad Abd al-Sattar al-SAYYID
Min. of Social Affairs & Labor Jasim Muhammad ZAKARIYA
Min. of Telecommunication & Technology Imad SABBUNI
Min. of Tourism Hala Muhammad al-NASER
Min. of Transport Mahmoud Ibrahim SAID
Min. of Water Resources Bassam HANNA
Min. of State Husayn Mahmoud FARZAT
Min. of State Abdallah Khalil HUSAYN
Min. of State Najm al-Din KHRIIT
Min. of State Muhammad Turki al-SAYYID
Min. of State Jamal Shaaban SHAHEEN
Min. of State Joseph SUWAYD
Min. of State for Environmental Affairs Nazira Farah SARKIS
Min. of State for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali HAYDAR
Governor, Central Bank Adib MAYALA
Ambassador to the US
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Bashar al-JAFARI

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