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Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments

Date of Information: 8/3/2012

According to the Turkmen Constitution, the president serves as de facto chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Agriculture & Water Resources Annageldi YAZMYRADOW
Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Construction Akmyrat YEGELEYEW
Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Economy & Finance Annamuhammet GOCYYEW
Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Education, Health, Science, Religious Affairs, & Tourism Sapardurdy TOYLYYEW
Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Energy & Industry Rozymyrat SEYITGULYYEW
Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Energy-Sector Work With Foreign Firms Yagsygeldi KAKAYEW
Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Intl. Relations Rasit MEREDOW
Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Media & Culture Byagul NURMYRADOWA
Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Oil & Gas Baymyrat HOJAMUHAMMEDOW
Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Trade, Commerce, Textiles, & Customs (Acting) Hojamuhammet MUHAMMEDOW
Dep. Chmn. of the Cabinet of Ministers for Transport & Communication (Acting) Nazarguly SAGULYYEW
Min. of Agriculture Rejep BAZAROW
Min. of Communication Bayramgeldi OWEZOW
Min. of Construction Jumageldi BAYRAMOW
Min. of Culture Gunca MAMMEDOWA
Min. of Defense Begenc GUNDOGDYYEW
Min. of Economics & Development Basimmyrat HOJAMAMMEDOW
Min. of Education Gulsat MAMMEDOWA
Min. of Energy Myrat ARTYKOW
Min. of Environmental Protection Babageldi ANNABAYRAMOW
Min. of Finance Dowletgeldi SADYKOW
Min. of Foreign Affairs Rasit MEREDOW
Min. of Health & Medical Industry Gurbanmammet ELYASOW
Min. of Industry Babanyyaz ITALMAZOW
Min. of Internal Affairs Isgender MULIKOW
Min. of Justice Myrat GARRYYEW
Min. of Labor & Social Protection Bekmyrat SAMYRADOW
Min. of National Security Yaylym BERDIYEW
Min. of Oil & Gas Industry & Mineral Resources (Acting) Kakageldi ABDYLLAYEW
Min. of Public Works Management & Sanitation Arslan YAGSYMAMMEDOW
Min. of Railways Bayram ANNAMEREDOW
Min. of Textile Industry Saparmyrat BATYROW
Min. of Trade & Foreign Economic Relations Batyr ABAYEW
Min. of Transport
Min. of Water Resources Seyitmyrat TAGANOW
Dir., State Agency for the Management & Use of Hydrocarbon Resources Yagsygeldi KAKAYEW
Head, State Concern for Turkmen Roads Asyr SARYBAYEW
Prosecutor Gen. Yaranmyrat YAZMURADOW
Chmn., Central Bank Tuwakmammet JAPAROW
Ambassador to the US Meret ORAZOW
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Aksoltan ATAYEWA


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