Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 6/14/2012


Pres. Hugo CHAVEZ Frias
Executive Vice Pres. Elias JAUA Milano
Min. of Agriculture & Lands Elias JAUA Milano
Min. of Air & Water Transportation Elsa GUTIERREZ
Min. of Commerce Edmee BETANCOURT
Min. of Communal Affairs Isis OCHOA
Min. of Communications & Information Andres IZARRA
Min. of Culture Pedro CALZADILLA
Min. of Defense Henry RANGEL Silva
Min. of Education Maryann del Carmen HANSON Flores
Min. of Electricity Hector NAVARRO
Min. of Environment & Natural Resources Alejandro HITCHER
Min. of Foreign Affairs Nicolas MADURO Moros
Min. of Ground Transportation Juan GARCIA Toussaint
Min. of Higher Education Marlene Yadira CORDOVA
Min. of Housing & Habitats Ricardo Antonio MOLINA Penaloza
Min. of Indigenous Peoples Nicia Marina MALDONADO
Min. of Industry Ricardo MENENDEZ
Min. of Interior & Justice Tarek EL AISSAMI
Min. of Labor & Social Security Maria Cristina IGLESIAS
Min. of Nutrition Carlos OSORIO
Min. of Oil & Mining Rafael Dario RAMIREZ Carreno
Min. of Penitentiary Services Maria Iris VARELA Rangel
Min. of Planning & Finance Jorge Antonio GIORDANI Cordero
Min. of Public Health & Social Development Eugenia SADER
Min. of Science & Technology Jorge ARREAZA
Min. of the Secretariat of the Presidency Erika FARIAS
Min. of Sports Hector RODRIGUEZ
Min. of Tourism Alejandro FLEMING
Min. of Women's Affairs Nancy PEREZ Sierra
Min. of Youth Maria Pilar HERNANDEZ
Prosecutor Gen. Luisa ORTEGA Diaz
Pres., Central Bank Nelson Jose MERENTES Diaz
Ambassador to the US
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Jorge Hidalgo VALERO Briceno

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